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Technology R&D


R & D technology
As a technology innovation as the core competitiveness of modern enterprises, Bo Xin fine ceramic honeycomb ceramic first-class production equipment, the application of new technology research and development, from raw materials, design, production process, carefully selected, strictly, to produce high quality innovative products; colleagues absorbed a number from the peer experience, develop into R & D management personnel, construction of product technology R & D team of high-quality, high level of. Product design ideas Bo Xin people uphold professionalism, standardization, internationalization, science and technology. Based on absorbing the essence and the fusion of science and technology in the world ceramic honeycomb on the latest, advocate to create maximum value for customers as business goals, and dedication to provide quality products and services for the.
Quality is the foundation of enterprise
Bo Xin the quality according to the process was divided into three quality, namely the design quality, manufacturing quality, quality of service is the customer needs and expectations into reality premise; manufacturing quality is the customer demand and into realistic process; quality of service is the customer real needs and expectations after satisfaction promotion. Since all this relation with customer, customer is the main body of the market economy, then draw three high quality is always our research topic.