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Warmly welcome the Australian customers to visit our company


In July 2, 2015, Australian and Singaporean customers visited our company and conducted field visits to our company. The general manager and deputy general manager of our company welcomed them to welcome them and introduced the general situation of our company, the direction of the company, the future planning and the main products. Then the customers visited the office building, the exhibition hall, the research center and the production workshop. The deputy general manager of the company, Feng Bi Xiao Feng, introduced the company first to them in detail. The company advocates scientific and technological innovation. The research and development of each new product passes through meticulous, scientific and repeated experiments by technicians. The production of each product is strictly controlled, each product is controlled, every product is controlled. Qualified products must be tested before they can be packed to ensure that customers can get satisfactory products. After visiting the workshop, the customers highly praised the production process and the quality of the products, and said they would cooperate with our company.