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Infrared radiation ceramic burning plate is the core component of the infrared radiation burner. By applying high-quality combustion catalyst on the porous cordierite ceramic base, the infrared radiation ceramic burning plate brings about the smokeless catalytic combustion in the porous ceramic orifice. When the infrared burner is burning, the large specific surface area and burning operation area of the porous ceramics enable the full premixing between the fuel and air, so as to bring down the emission of contaminants. At the same time, most of the energy generated from the burner during smokeless catalytic combustion can be efficiently radiated via infrared ray. The radiant infrared ray has stronger penetrability and can have resonance by stimulating the water molecules. The heat shall be evenly permeated to the core of the heated object, to ensure even heating effect and raise the heating quality and drying efficiency.  

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